Digibank Refer Earn Offer :- Get Rs. 250 Every Referral (DBS Refer Offer)

Digibank Refer Earn Offer :- Get Rs. 250 Every Referral (DBS Refer Offer)
digibank Offer :-  Digibank is coming with Refer & Earn Offer In Which you can Get Rs. 250 on Every Referral.  Digibank  Refer  Offer you can Get Credit Rs 250 In To Digibank Account. Read And  Follow  Steps To Get Digibank Refer & Earn Offer.


 Digibank Refer And  Earn Offer:-

 1) Firstly, download Digibank App click here
2) Open the App and create a account.
3) Enter your detail.
4) Enter adhar  Number and Pen Number

Note:- Only referrals and digiSavings account openings from 15th July,2016 to 31st December,2016 will be able to get This Offer(Multiple time use.)

Steps  for  Refer & Earn:-

  1. Offer is open only for digibank e-wallet and digiSavings User. Send money             (Re. 1 onwards) to your friend  using the ‘Pay through Mobile’option.
  2. Your friend downloads the digibank app to receive the money.
3.Once your friend upgrades to digiSavings .250 Rs add  to your digibank accounts  wallet.

Terms and Conditions:-

  1. The referrer authorizes DBS Bank Ltd., it associates, subsidiaries and affiliates to contact him/her
  2. The referrer declares that due consent has been obtained from the referee, to refer his/her contact details to DBS Bank Ltd. to contact the referee to offer its range of banking services and products. The referrer agrees and undertakes that he/she shall be responsible to DBS Bank Ltd., it associates, subsidiaries and affiliates for any losses or claims that may be occasioned upon DBS Bank Ltd., in the event that such declaration or undertaking is found to be untrue
  3. As part of the Referral Program, the referee acknowledges, understands and agrees that when he receives the money transferred by the referrer, the referrer will know that the referee has opened a account with DBS Bank Ltd. If the referee desires to avoid disclosing this personal information, the referee may choose to apply using a different mobile number. Likewise, by transferring funds to the referee, the referrer acknowledges, understands and agrees that the referee will know that the referrer stands a chance to get rewarded. If the referrer does not desire to disclose this information, he should not make such a transfer
  4. Fixed incentive of ₹250 will be credited in your digi account (wallet or digiSavings) of the eligible referrer within 15 days of the Referee opening a digiSavings account
  5. Referee should not be an existing digibank account holder
  6. If two different referrers have referred the same referee, the one who refers first will get the fixed incentive
  7. Opening of digibank e-wallet and/or digiSavings account is subject to internal policies of DBS
  8. No incentive will be paid to the referee
  9. Tax liability arising from the Referral Program, if any, will be solely borne by the referrer
  10. Incentive is non-transferable and non-replaceable



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